NEW APIs for Brand & Campaign Registry Available!

In our continuing effort to help you navigate the ever-changing world of messaging, Commio is pleased to provide you with a variety of teli Messaging APIs for easy insertion of long code (10DLC) brand and campaign registration functionality into your application(s). The primary APIs include:

  • Brand Creation – This allows you to register a brand under your account. Please note that mandatory fields will vary depending on the type of entity being registered (sole proprietor, private for-profit, government, etc.).
  • Campaign Creation – This API lets you create a new campaign on The Campaign Registry (TCR). If the submitted campaign request meets the requirements for at least one Mobile Network Operator (MNO), the campaign will be provisioned in TCR and assigned a Campaign ID, and the registration fee will be charged to the customer account.
  • Campaign Number Assignment – Use this API to assign phone numbers to approved campaigns.

For access to the full list of Campaign Registry APIs, please scroll to the “Campaign Registry” section at the bottom of the teli Standard APIs documentation page. For more information on brand and campaign registration through our portal, watch our “How To” video.

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