How is teli’s VOIP Customer Service Portal the Superior Product

A VOIP Portal Built with Customers in Mind

Communication is more important than ever; businesses need to make sure they are staying connected to their customers in the most efficient ways available, while also having a reliable service that helps keep their company running. However, creating your own platform is costly and complicated, and often inefficient. Luckily, teli communications is here to help. teli communications offers everything you need and more, and one of the biggest benefits is our easy to use, award-winning customer service portal

teli Communications can help you reach out and connect with your customers, providing them an easy communications experience that will leave them satisfied; and the best part is your company will get the credit for it!

Business VOIP Communication Services Built to Meet Your Needs

teli communications is proud to offer business communication services that are tailor made to fit your needs. Do you need to send mass text messages? teli can take of that for you. Do you need to manage customer service calls from your customers or offer a way to send and receive faxes straight from their mobile devices? teli has you covered.

One aspect of teli’s services sets us apart from others- we have an easy to use, intuitive 3-tier customer service portal, complete with proprietary features you will not be able to find anywhere else. This award-winning customer service portal will help you take your communications to the next level, allowing you to manage every single part of your teli service.

Teli’s customer service portal recently won Channel Vision Magazine’s Visionary Spotlight Award (VSA) for Best End-User Management Portal; an award given out during a competition designed to highlight technology products that are outstanding in their fields. Teli’s customer service portal is the best available to clients, both wholesale and enterprise. We do something few other wholesale providers do - offer a 3-tier customer portal with separate API tokens for end user sub-accounts. This, also with the award-winning interface, makes teli communications the obvious choice for all your business’s communications needs.

Total Control of Your VOIP

This award-winning service allows clients to manage every single aspect of their account, from number provisioning to SIP trunking, to API and billing. With this easy to use interface, you will be able to access every feature you need to make your communications with customers run as smooth as possible. teli’s customer service portal is intuitive, so you will quickly be able to learn how to use its many features to enhance your connection with your customers. The portal also has proprietary features that enables teli communications clients to offer their own customers that same award-winning user experience, without the costly expense of creating a separate user interface