Four Steps to pick the right wholesale VoIP service.

[email protected], 09.02.2021

Communication has always been a key tool in creating a successful business. How do you make sure you are communicating efficiently in today’s technology focused world? One great way to do this is by using VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a key part of doing business in today’s fast paced and ever-changing business landscape. VoIP is a technology that enables you to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. VoIP will allow you to use large volumes of voice communication. When you have VoIP service, you can expand the service to your users, allowing them to utilize voice communications.

But how do you go about choosing a Wholesale VoIP provider; a company that offers VoIP services but at volume discounts? Which wholesale VoIP providers are right for you? What do you need to make sure the wholesale VoIP service you select is exactly what you are looking for?

Step 1: Determine your needs.

To determine what a fair price for your voice system is, your first need to figure out what kind of wholesale VoIP service you need. How will you be using wholesale VoIP as a service? Do you simply need a limited phone connection? Usually, this type of wholesale VoIP service is used by individuals; it is probably not what you are looking for. However, if that is all you need, you are in luck. You will find many different options for wholesale VoIP providers, and you can easily keep your costs low. If you need simply basic wholesale VoIP service, you can certainly get that in for a very reasonable price. Generally, you will get standard features that are available to every user, and pay a base price, which will increase as you add users. These costs can typically be less than $50/month for a couple of lines.

It is more likely, though, that your business needs more features and services. In this case, wholesale VoIP providers can offer you a wide range of options including full-featured UcaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). These solutions are very robust and can offer WebRTC, softphones, text messaging, video conferencing, contact center, and more.

Or maybe you already have a good business phone solution and you just want to convert it to wholesale VoIP. In that case, you would want a service that can offer you a PRI gateway and SIP trunking. The gateway converts your existing analog phone system to IP-based or digital and the SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) provides the lines and dial tone. Gateways can be just a few hundred dollars and the SIP trunks are a few dollars per channel depending on the provider you buy them from.

When looking for a wholesale VoIP provider, you will want to make sure that whoever you choose offers all the services you need for a reasonable price.

Step 2: Check the details.

Once you have determined exactly what you need from a wholesale VoIP provider, you will want to make sure you thoroughly examine each option. You do not want to be met with any unexpected costs or service limitations. There are certain things you want to be on the lookout for so you can avoid them.

The first is route quality. The route is the most important part of a wholesale VoIP service. When you are contacting your customers, you do not want them to be met with poor sound quality. You want a robust service, and if the wholesaler you choose has poor route quality, they will not be able to provide that and your customers will not find communicating with you to be a smooth and easy process. That means a service with poor route quality not worth it, regardless of how inexpensive they might be, or other services they might offer.

You also want to be on the lookout for hidden charges. Some wholesale VoIP providers offer a base price, but then charge for every additional service and user? Are they forthcoming with what the total charge for their service will be, or do they make their pricing intentionally blurry? An unclear pricing structure is a red flag, and you will want to avoid any wholesale VoIP service that has difficult to understand costs. You do not want to choose a voice service, only to find at the end of the month that it is costing you much more than you thought. You will also want to look at the rates for the different routes. Route prices can change frequently, and it is your wholesale VoIP providers job to know what the rates are. You will want to make sure that any rate changes are not done in error on the part of your provider.

Step 3: Find the best deal.

As a businessperson, one of your focuses is surely cost. Luckily, rates for wholesale VoIP are generally less expensive than traditional phone services. You should be careful, though, when examining a provider’s rates. When sifting through the many options for wholesale VoIP providers, you will want to closely look at cost and compare it to the service you are getting, as well as services other wholesale VoIP providers offer.

Step 4: Be wary of fraud.

As with any business conducted online, there are fraudsters out there looking to take advantage of you and your company. Be aware of this and know how to spot problems. One key thing to look for is customer service- is the wholesale VoIP provider you are considering responsive to customer service inquiries? Online businesses operate around the world, so they should generally be available for help 24/7. A wholesale VoIP provider not being readily available is a sign the business might be a fraud, and you should stay away.

Once you know exactly what you are willing to spend, what services you need from your wholesale VoIP wholesaler, and what to look for in a provider, you are ready to make your choice. Selecting the right wholesale VoIP provider for your company will help you take the next step in your business’ communication and will help keep you on the path to success.

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